The love of a great man….for a great woman

I cannot think of a higher expression of love for anyone than to compose a poem about that special person. It takes a lot of effort to come up with a decent poem…but even harder to really express your feelings into that poem and then be able to affect others through those words.

To another who have not read or heard Ninoy Aquino’s poem for his wife Cory Aquino, I think it is about time you look into it. The poem entitled “I have Fallen In Love with the Same Woman Three Times” was first made known to the public during the term of President Cory, and from hence it was captured into melody by one of the country’s premier composer-singer, Jose Mari Chan.

It must be wonderful to have a song or a poem especially made for you. It must be extremely flattering, but what greater value is there than knowing that that simple poem is the expression of eternal love and promise made by the man who you have given your heart and life to.

Before I came to know of this poem I felt wondering what sort of love could exist between husband and wife that would ignite such devotion and love as what Cory bore for her husband Ninoy. Hearing and reading this poem back then I immediately understood. They had the kind of love that all young girls dreamed of, and many of us could just wish for but never have. Through the hardships that the Aquino family went through and all the sacrifices they made for the country Ninoy loved so much, I then understood that their love and concern for the country was just a continuation of the love that they felt for Ninoy.

Few people could claim such love, but I am glad Cory and Ninoy found each other, they both deserved so much.

Here’s the song for all of you to appreciate:

And here’s the lyrics/poem too:

I Have Fallen In Love

Lyrics by Ninoy Aquino
Music by Jose Mari Chan

I have fallen in love
With the same woman three times
In a day spanning nineteen years
Of tearful joys and joyful tears.

I loved her first when she was young
Enchanting and vibrant, eternally new
She was brilliant, fragrant and cool
As the morning dew.

I fell in love with her the second time
When first she bore her child and mine
Always by my side, the source of my strength
Helping to turn the tide.

But there were candles to burn
The world was my concern
While our home was her domain
And the people were mine
While the children were hers to maintain.

So it was in those eighteen years and a day
Till I was detained
Forced in prison to stay.

Suddenly she’s our sole support
Source of comfort
Our wellspring of hope
On her shoulders fell the burden of life.

I fell in love again
With the same woman the third time
Looming from the battle
Her courage will never fade.

Amidst the hardships she has remained
Undaunted and unafraid
She is calm, composed
She is God’s lovely maid.


3 Responses to “The love of a great man….for a great woman”

  1. Jam Kuradoberi Says:

    One of the songs sa manila cathedral, sung by Jose Mari Chan himself. Very touching indeed.

    Parang usual formula of a cheesy romantic movie yung life nilang dalawa.

    Kahit na baduy in retrospect, wala tayong masasabing masama about it. They gave their all for us, siguro nararapat lang na sila naman now that they’re together in heaven.

    I think Ninoy would’ve loved her the fourth time. Seeing how we filipinos received her and cherished her. How she cared for us. Pero wala ng makakaalam ng bagong addition sa poem na yan kung hindi ang langit. ^^

    • otakujade Says:

      That so touching…and yes, I agree I think mas lalo pang hahaba yung poem after all she did for the country and the Filipino people. We, Filipinos should consider ourselves blessed you have been given a President like her.

  2. catchan1980 Says:

    Very well said.

    Kainggit kayo. I’m stuck at the office. I would’ve wanted to watch on TV…

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