A step closer to the final resting place….

Watching the coverage of the move of the funeral convoy from La Salle Greenhills to the Manila Cathedral, I cannot help but reminisce the other time, another occasion…a different lifetime when an event like this happened. People were lining the streets, waving yellow flags and streamers, raising the Laban sign, raining yellow confetti, throwing flowers and crying. When I first saw event like this on television, I was but a a girl of 9-years of age, still in grade school – it was the funeral of another great person…incidentally, he was the husband of the woman to which such an honor is also being given today.

Probably those 20 years old below, doesn’t even know this anymore, but to us who were there, who were aware of it all even at that early age, this mean the world to us. I guess for those who were there, who experienced it we feel a certain oneness with Ninoy and Cory.

But Cory is gone now, she’s gone to join Ninoy; she had served her country the best way she could, and using her own words, “No man can ask for anything more”.

Thank you, Cory for your love and your deeply ingrained influence in the hearts and mind of the Filipino people.


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