Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince…critique??

After waiting two days (which actually felt like an eternity, believe you me!) I was finally able to watch Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. Well, first and foremost allow me to say that I enjoyed the movie enormously. Although, I must also say that I am irked at the stupidity of some people.

I rushed home from class today to get home as early as I could so that I would finish all my other things before going to the movies. A classmate of mine stopped me and asked why I was rushing and I told him that I want to get things done before the movie. And he told me “I heard from some people that it was boring…” I raised an eyebrow, smile and left without another word.  And so we finally get to the theater at 11pm…the movie ended at roughly around 1:30 am or so, and we were getting out there was this gay behind me on the stairs who was snorted and said, “Ang pangit nya, maganda pa yung pinanood namin kahapon. Siguro tuwang-tuwa yung mga fanatic ng book.” Now, that got my ire and I turned around and smiled at him and said, “Yes, I am ecstatic. Thank you.”  I don’t think he was expecting anyone to react, at buti na lang before he could react hubby dragged me away.

So! Enough of my bitchy experiences (I just want to say I will defend the book no matter what!). So, as I said I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. David Yates, being such an excellent director, actually made the movie very palatable to a lot of solid HP fanatics..not only the Dan, Emma and Rupert fanatic, but the faithful readers of the book.  And I heard David Yates will also direct the next two movies….yay!!! Book 6 was actually one of my favorites, second only to Book 4 and with the level of tolerance here and there that I’ve come to developed for the movies I would say it was an awesome good movie. And Dumbledore’s death very depressing, I guess no matter how long I’ve known about it or how many times I’ve read it, that scene will always make me cry like it did in the movie. Another good point was the visual, the graphics for the movie was marvelous! Especially the scene inside the cave when they retrieved the horcrux and Dumbledore was seen fighting the inferi.

Here are some of the missing parts I noticed… just the glaringly intolerable parts that should have been there but wasn’t:

– The movie centered on three points: Dumbledore’s death; Slughorns memory and the horcruxes; and Ron’s love interest. I should have thought it would have centered on the development of Ginny-Harry relationship. Also, they completely changed the event of the Harry-Ginny kiss I really cannot find any explanations for this but it was too short and too undramatic unlike in the book. It did show that two of them bonded together but he was more with Hermione than with Ginny most of the time. In other words there was no good development of the love story between Harry-Ginny which was a big memorable part of book 6.  The movie did show how much she cares about him but aside from that not much else. There was also no official declaration of them being an item/a couple; and so I guess that should explain the no break up scene in the end, which was a bit tear-jerked from the book. Does this mean they’re still together in the next installment?

– In connection with the above, they also didn’t show the funeral for Dumbledore…I mean, you want tears..my goodness! That scene will bringing them all out.

– The explanation for the title “Half Blood Prince” was also missing. Snape did admit to being the Half Blood Prince but they didn’t explain why or how he got that name/pseudo-name.

– Oh and they completely took out the battle inside Hogwarts where Dumbledore’s Army fought off the Death Eaters who came through the Disappearing cabinet. And in so doing, there was also no Bill Weasleys being bitten by Fenrir Greyback and no Fleur Delacour proclaiming her eternal love for him. I actually miss Fleur!!!! and hearing her say “Ahrry” inside of Harry.

– Also, there was no explanation on what happened to Dumbledore’s blackened hand. And where the rain came from.

In line with all these there were also scenes in the movie which reminded me of things that JKR promised to explain and shed light on in the last and final book which she didn’t namely:

– What really happened to Olivander?

– What happened to Fawks? Where did he go?

– What were Ginny’s powers about? And what mystery lies in her birth circumstances? From book 2 there were indications that there was more to Ginny Weasley than meet the eye but we never saw what it was about in the last and final book.



One Response to “Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince…critique??”

  1. catchan1980 Says:

    Gawd, I loved that scene inside the cave too! Dumbledore looked really…what’s the term? Impressive? Basta!

    They should make an HP TV series instead…para andun lahat ng scenes sa books!

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