Vagni Leaves the Country

I heaved a sigh of relief as I browse through the news. I know it’s a day delayed but I was not able to catch it earlier and Ireally wanted to read the news for my self.

Eugenio Vagni, Italian Red Cross volunteer was finally released and was able to be reunited with his family and fly back home to his country after 178 days of captive by the Abu Sayyaf.  I could just imagine the trauma that his family went through and all because he wanted to help other people. Sometimes, it’s depressing to think that in your quest to help others…it’s your own family that suffers. In tagalog, nakakawala ng gana (or you’re loosing the taste for it). I am sure that Vagni would not ask if you’re a Muslim or a Christian; a good man or a criminal; he would not even ask your name before tending your needs and for that he was capture and made to suffer for many months. I really admire people like this who still seek to help other people no matter what happens to them. I would never be that courageous or kind. But then again that’s why I could never do things like that….I’m just not a good enough person, besides I’m selfish enough to prioritize my family first and foremost. I just do not have the heart to put others first except when that others are my children.

And in terms of family, I guess even the Abu Sayyaf protect their own. There’s some people who opines that Vagni was freed in exchange for the wives of Abu Sayyaf leader who was captured by the military. But then, what is simply outrageous is that they even asked for 50,000  pesos for Vagni’s accomodations. What the heck was that about?

It really defies any logic that after being forcibly taken from the comfort you’re used to, in the company of friends and family….to dragged all over the mountains and sleep on the ground with barely enough to eat…now, the government has to pay a stipend? WTF?!


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