The Harry Potter Pandemic…

The Harry Potter fever is ON! The bug is back! LOL! And I am afflicted and glad to be. Two year! Can you believe it? I mean they made us wait for two years…all that pent up yearning is definitely gonna come up one way or another.

So, yeah I am a Potter-addict, and proud to be one I might add, but it’s such an awesome series down to the 6th book, HP7 didn’t really appeal to me but yeah, I still have the book.

Now, I have to wait until this weekend to watch the 6th installment of the franchise, a first since HP3 but there’s really nothing I can do about it. Hubby wants to tag along and he only has rest day on the weekends…plus (*blush*) I forgot to take a leave for this week. I mean, I scheduled my leaves and I just completely forgot about this one…wahhh!! What sort of fan am I? And now, since I had a bout of vertigo last night he’s saying that I either rest and take it easy the next few days or I can’t watch HP on Saturday…..what a cruel guy!

And so make things worst, you couldn’t turn anywhere without getting some info or whatsoever about the movie. It’s my practice to listen to RX Monster Radio on the way to the office and they’re like, the entire news section (which happens every 17th minute) is all about the Harry Potter movie.

I heard tell that the movie (Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince) just broke box office record for a single day special mid-night screening; it raked in $22 Million breaking the record set by The Dark Knight which grossed $18.5 million from midnight showings last summer (in the US). And they’re saying that if that level of interest continues then it is expected that The Half-Blood Prince will become the biggest money-making picture of the year. Well, hellooo…we’ve been made to wait so long, you gotta expect that!

Then I also heard that some people were saying that HP6’s play date was moved because they were afraid that it’ll be competing with Twilight during it’s first scheduled play date last November and I was like…HELLO! (again) I think you mean, HP would topple Twilight in a heartbeat. I mean they are both teen films in the strictest sense but HP definitely has more fan base than Twilight could ever hope to have; that is my personal opinion of course. I heard tale also that some people are saying that fans of HP have probably gone too old for the films…well whoever said that obviously haven’t read the books. Most HP fan are book based, not the movies; and considering the avid HP book fans and the fans of the Famous Trio I’d say HP should have a very, very solid fan base.

Oh well, since I can’t see the movie till Saturday I can’t really make any comments about it right now as I haven’t seen the movie…one good point about the movie though is that its directed by David Yates, the same director who made the last movie which was actually very good. Over the years I have learned to make allowances for the movies, I know that they can’t possibly put everything in considering the sheer size of the books and besides, no amount of special effects can measure up to your expectation and imagination of how the scenes and actions on the book should be. I guess realizing that I’ve come to terms with the idea that what happens in the films is actually what production people receive as a seller, what the FX people can manage, how the script writer and director interprets the book and how much the author was willing to tolerate or allow. But with reference to David Yates and also Chris Columbus, I think they respected the story enough to try to stick as close to the book as much as possible. It was easier for Chris Columbus though since books 1 and 2, were shorter by part than what David Yates had to work with.

Well, until Saturday then….then I’ll make a blog on the movie itself.


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