Goodbye and Fairwell…but never will be forgotten

The world grieves today as everyone watch and cry waiting to see a great man being put to his final resting place. The world had lost a special man, he was iconic, he was a star, he was unreachable but at the end of the he was still man. And that was something the world had seemed to have forgotten.

For years MJ was the focus of countless controversies and accusations; people have called him a monster, a pervert, a freak…and they have forgotten that he was still human. He can be hurt, he can cry and most importantly he was human enough to die.

As I watched and hear people making speeches how MJ had touched their lives, how he was good friend and a very special..and the fans lined the streets and the grounds of the Staples to pay their respects and write on the huge poster that set up..I couldn’t help but be disgusted. Where were these people when MJ needed a friend to stay with him, where are his so called fans who love him when he was being bombarded by controversies; where were they when he needed their assurance and support by simply saying they still believed in him?

But that is water under the bridge now. Michael Jackson is dead. And though I don’t know him personally, I too am affected by his death because he was a part of my life. He was the icon of my generation, the generation that was unafraid to be different; a bold generation instigating change, of working for equality. I am saddened by his passing because he was someone I grew up with. Michael was there when I started appreciating music and one of the most meaningful song to me – my life song – if you will was his song.

And so, today July 8 my time, and July 7 his…I say goodbye to Michael Jackson the man. His life, his mark and his music will always be remembered.

The King of Pop at his best

The King of Pop at his best


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