Catching up…

I haven’t blogged in so long..I know…but as it often happen these days Real Life seem to catch up with me a lot. I unexpectedly landed on an extra job so I have to get those done as quickly as I could so i have get back to normal programming.

Incidentally, school started once again also and I just found out that I would have to extend another semester before I could finish school – all thanks to the new dean who just decided with consultations to change how things work. *sigh* Well, it’s not my practice to dwell on what I can’t change but let me just state that this really…pisses me off! Oh, and here’s a funny thing; I attended my kids’ orientation last week and the school had just hired this new teacher who claimed he has a masters in English and that he’s studied this and that and know several foreign languages too.  He was saying that he wanted the students to practice English every where they go and so he asked the parents to also do their best to talk to their children in that language as well. I was all for that since my elementary school way back did that to us too and it worked out wonderfully for us. So I was really about to be impressed…until he said “I will not speak to your children if they are not speaking in English too.”  And I was like what?! Somehow, I know there’s something off with that statement, it is grammatically correct but as someone who claims to have masters degree in the language I would have thought he’s find a better, more sophisticated way of delivering that sentence. I looked at my sister who was seated beside me (since her kids go to the same school as mine) and there was a definite mirth shining in her eyes, well she was as hyper-critical about English as I am, and we both giggled.

Okay, what else happened to me…..oh, I cried because of hubby. No, we didn’t quarrel but I was so worried about him. Hubby loves to go trail biking, he spends a LOT of money on that mountain bike of his (believe me, a lot mean a lot) and he loves to get the most of his investments.  So  every Saturday, hubby and his buddies love to go trail bike riding on the outskirts of the city…usually in Rizal provinces..going up to Morong and Tanay. Anyways, last Saturday he left at 4:30 am, well there was nothing new about it so I didn’t worry. That is not until around 10 am and I haven’t received any text or call from him. I mean, that was so unlike him..usually he would at least text me just to let me know where he was.  I tried to contact him on his celphone but it was unreachable.  I was in needles by then, at 2:00 pm I finally recieved a text telling me he was in Rizal and they’re now in Fairview and his batt was dead and he was using a fellow rider’s cel. Well, that at least apeace me; he also said they were on their way home.  So, feeling relieved I went through my last class of the day and hurried home and waited for him to arrive. But the clock finally struck 6:00 and he still haven’t arrived. By 6:30 I was beginning to really panic; then at 7:00 pm he finally got home. I was near to tears by then. I was in our room, lying in bed by that time when he entered the room I didn’t know whether to run to him and hug him or slap the crap out of him, and I just burst into tears.

So, there that’s my week for you…very, very well filled I think. I was never emotional but I guess when it comes to family that’s different.


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