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Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince…critique??

Posted in Uncategorized on July 19, 2009 by otakujade

After waiting two days (which actually felt like an eternity, believe you me!) I was finally able to watch Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. Well, first and foremost allow me to say that I enjoyed the movie enormously. Although, I must also say that I am irked at the stupidity of some people.

I rushed home from class today to get home as early as I could so that I would finish all my other things before going to the movies. A classmate of mine stopped me and asked why I was rushing and I told him that I want to get things done before the movie. And he told me “I heard from some people that it was boring…” I raised an eyebrow, smile and left without another word.  And so we finally get to the theater at 11pm…the movie ended at roughly around 1:30 am or so, and we were getting out there was this gay behind me on the stairs who was snorted and said, “Ang pangit nya, maganda pa yung pinanood namin kahapon. Siguro tuwang-tuwa yung mga fanatic ng book.” Now, that got my ire and I turned around and smiled at him and said, “Yes, I am ecstatic. Thank you.”  I don’t think he was expecting anyone to react, at buti na lang before he could react hubby dragged me away.

So! Enough of my bitchy experiences (I just want to say I will defend the book no matter what!). So, as I said I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. David Yates, being such an excellent director, actually made the movie very palatable to a lot of solid HP fanatics..not only the Dan, Emma and Rupert fanatic, but the faithful readers of the book.  And I heard David Yates will also direct the next two movies….yay!!! Book 6 was actually one of my favorites, second only to Book 4 and with the level of tolerance here and there that I’ve come to developed for the movies I would say it was an awesome good movie. And Dumbledore’s death very depressing, I guess no matter how long I’ve known about it or how many times I’ve read it, that scene will always make me cry like it did in the movie. Another good point was the visual, the graphics for the movie was marvelous! Especially the scene inside the cave when they retrieved the horcrux and Dumbledore was seen fighting the inferi.

Here are some of the missing parts I noticed… just the glaringly intolerable parts that should have been there but wasn’t:

– The movie centered on three points: Dumbledore’s death; Slughorns memory and the horcruxes; and Ron’s love interest. I should have thought it would have centered on the development of Ginny-Harry relationship. Also, they completely changed the event of the Harry-Ginny kiss I really cannot find any explanations for this but it was too short and too undramatic unlike in the book. It did show that two of them bonded together but he was more with Hermione than with Ginny most of the time. In other words there was no good development of the love story between Harry-Ginny which was a big memorable part of book 6.  The movie did show how much she cares about him but aside from that not much else. There was also no official declaration of them being an item/a couple; and so I guess that should explain the no break up scene in the end, which was a bit tear-jerked from the book. Does this mean they’re still together in the next installment?

– In connection with the above, they also didn’t show the funeral for Dumbledore…I mean, you want goodness! That scene will bringing them all out.

– The explanation for the title “Half Blood Prince” was also missing. Snape did admit to being the Half Blood Prince but they didn’t explain why or how he got that name/pseudo-name.

– Oh and they completely took out the battle inside Hogwarts where Dumbledore’s Army fought off the Death Eaters who came through the Disappearing cabinet. And in so doing, there was also no Bill Weasleys being bitten by Fenrir Greyback and no Fleur Delacour proclaiming her eternal love for him. I actually miss Fleur!!!! and hearing her say “Ahrry” inside of Harry.

– Also, there was no explanation on what happened to Dumbledore’s blackened hand. And where the rain came from.

In line with all these there were also scenes in the movie which reminded me of things that JKR promised to explain and shed light on in the last and final book which she didn’t namely:

– What really happened to Olivander?

– What happened to Fawks? Where did he go?

– What were Ginny’s powers about? And what mystery lies in her birth circumstances? From book 2 there were indications that there was more to Ginny Weasley than meet the eye but we never saw what it was about in the last and final book.



Vagni Leaves the Country

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I heaved a sigh of relief as I browse through the news. I know it’s a day delayed but I was not able to catch it earlier and Ireally wanted to read the news for my self.

Eugenio Vagni, Italian Red Cross volunteer was finally released and was able to be reunited with his family and fly back home to his country after 178 days of captive by the Abu Sayyaf.  I could just imagine the trauma that his family went through and all because he wanted to help other people. Sometimes, it’s depressing to think that in your quest to help others…it’s your own family that suffers. In tagalog, nakakawala ng gana (or you’re loosing the taste for it). I am sure that Vagni would not ask if you’re a Muslim or a Christian; a good man or a criminal; he would not even ask your name before tending your needs and for that he was capture and made to suffer for many months. I really admire people like this who still seek to help other people no matter what happens to them. I would never be that courageous or kind. But then again that’s why I could never do things like that….I’m just not a good enough person, besides I’m selfish enough to prioritize my family first and foremost. I just do not have the heart to put others first except when that others are my children.

And in terms of family, I guess even the Abu Sayyaf protect their own. There’s some people who opines that Vagni was freed in exchange for the wives of Abu Sayyaf leader who was captured by the military. But then, what is simply outrageous is that they even asked for 50,000  pesos for Vagni’s accomodations. What the heck was that about?

It really defies any logic that after being forcibly taken from the comfort you’re used to, in the company of friends and family….to dragged all over the mountains and sleep on the ground with barely enough to eat…now, the government has to pay a stipend? WTF?!

The Harry Potter Pandemic…

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The Harry Potter fever is ON! The bug is back! LOL! And I am afflicted and glad to be. Two year! Can you believe it? I mean they made us wait for two years…all that pent up yearning is definitely gonna come up one way or another.

So, yeah I am a Potter-addict, and proud to be one I might add, but it’s such an awesome series down to the 6th book, HP7 didn’t really appeal to me but yeah, I still have the book.

Now, I have to wait until this weekend to watch the 6th installment of the franchise, a first since HP3 but there’s really nothing I can do about it. Hubby wants to tag along and he only has rest day on the weekends…plus (*blush*) I forgot to take a leave for this week. I mean, I scheduled my leaves and I just completely forgot about this one…wahhh!! What sort of fan am I? And now, since I had a bout of vertigo last night he’s saying that I either rest and take it easy the next few days or I can’t watch HP on Saturday…..what a cruel guy!

And so make things worst, you couldn’t turn anywhere without getting some info or whatsoever about the movie. It’s my practice to listen to RX Monster Radio on the way to the office and they’re like, the entire news section (which happens every 17th minute) is all about the Harry Potter movie.

I heard tell that the movie (Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince) just broke box office record for a single day special mid-night screening; it raked in $22 Million breaking the record set by The Dark Knight which grossed $18.5 million from midnight showings last summer (in the US). And they’re saying that if that level of interest continues then it is expected that The Half-Blood Prince will become the biggest money-making picture of the year. Well, hellooo…we’ve been made to wait so long, you gotta expect that!

Then I also heard that some people were saying that HP6’s play date was moved because they were afraid that it’ll be competing with Twilight during it’s first scheduled play date last November and I was like…HELLO! (again) I think you mean, HP would topple Twilight in a heartbeat. I mean they are both teen films in the strictest sense but HP definitely has more fan base than Twilight could ever hope to have; that is my personal opinion of course. I heard tale also that some people are saying that fans of HP have probably gone too old for the films…well whoever said that obviously haven’t read the books. Most HP fan are book based, not the movies; and considering the avid HP book fans and the fans of the Famous Trio I’d say HP should have a very, very solid fan base.

Oh well, since I can’t see the movie till Saturday I can’t really make any comments about it right now as I haven’t seen the movie…one good point about the movie though is that its directed by David Yates, the same director who made the last movie which was actually very good. Over the years I have learned to make allowances for the movies, I know that they can’t possibly put everything in considering the sheer size of the books and besides, no amount of special effects can measure up to your expectation and imagination of how the scenes and actions on the book should be. I guess realizing that I’ve come to terms with the idea that what happens in the films is actually what production people receive as a seller, what the FX people can manage, how the script writer and director interprets the book and how much the author was willing to tolerate or allow. But with reference to David Yates and also Chris Columbus, I think they respected the story enough to try to stick as close to the book as much as possible. It was easier for Chris Columbus though since books 1 and 2, were shorter by part than what David Yates had to work with.

Well, until Saturday then….then I’ll make a blog on the movie itself.

Goodbye and Fairwell…but never will be forgotten

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The world grieves today as everyone watch and cry waiting to see a great man being put to his final resting place. The world had lost a special man, he was iconic, he was a star, he was unreachable but at the end of the he was still man. And that was something the world had seemed to have forgotten.

For years MJ was the focus of countless controversies and accusations; people have called him a monster, a pervert, a freak…and they have forgotten that he was still human. He can be hurt, he can cry and most importantly he was human enough to die.

As I watched and hear people making speeches how MJ had touched their lives, how he was good friend and a very special..and the fans lined the streets and the grounds of the Staples to pay their respects and write on the huge poster that set up..I couldn’t help but be disgusted. Where were these people when MJ needed a friend to stay with him, where are his so called fans who love him when he was being bombarded by controversies; where were they when he needed their assurance and support by simply saying they still believed in him?

But that is water under the bridge now. Michael Jackson is dead. And though I don’t know him personally, I too am affected by his death because he was a part of my life. He was the icon of my generation, the generation that was unafraid to be different; a bold generation instigating change, of working for equality. I am saddened by his passing because he was someone I grew up with. Michael was there when I started appreciating music and one of the most meaningful song to me – my life song – if you will was his song.

And so, today July 8 my time, and July 7 his…I say goodbye to Michael Jackson the man. His life, his mark and his music will always be remembered.

The King of Pop at his best

The King of Pop at his best

Catching up…

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I haven’t blogged in so long..I know…but as it often happen these days Real Life seem to catch up with me a lot. I unexpectedly landed on an extra job so I have to get those done as quickly as I could so i have get back to normal programming.

Incidentally, school started once again also and I just found out that I would have to extend another semester before I could finish school – all thanks to the new dean who just decided with consultations to change how things work. *sigh* Well, it’s not my practice to dwell on what I can’t change but let me just state that this really…pisses me off! Oh, and here’s a funny thing; I attended my kids’ orientation last week and the school had just hired this new teacher who claimed he has a masters in English and that he’s studied this and that and know several foreign languages too.  He was saying that he wanted the students to practice English every where they go and so he asked the parents to also do their best to talk to their children in that language as well. I was all for that since my elementary school way back did that to us too and it worked out wonderfully for us. So I was really about to be impressed…until he said “I will not speak to your children if they are not speaking in English too.”  And I was like what?! Somehow, I know there’s something off with that statement, it is grammatically correct but as someone who claims to have masters degree in the language I would have thought he’s find a better, more sophisticated way of delivering that sentence. I looked at my sister who was seated beside me (since her kids go to the same school as mine) and there was a definite mirth shining in her eyes, well she was as hyper-critical about English as I am, and we both giggled.

Okay, what else happened to me…..oh, I cried because of hubby. No, we didn’t quarrel but I was so worried about him. Hubby loves to go trail biking, he spends a LOT of money on that mountain bike of his (believe me, a lot mean a lot) and he loves to get the most of his investments.  So  every Saturday, hubby and his buddies love to go trail bike riding on the outskirts of the city…usually in Rizal provinces..going up to Morong and Tanay. Anyways, last Saturday he left at 4:30 am, well there was nothing new about it so I didn’t worry. That is not until around 10 am and I haven’t received any text or call from him. I mean, that was so unlike him..usually he would at least text me just to let me know where he was.  I tried to contact him on his celphone but it was unreachable.  I was in needles by then, at 2:00 pm I finally recieved a text telling me he was in Rizal and they’re now in Fairview and his batt was dead and he was using a fellow rider’s cel. Well, that at least apeace me; he also said they were on their way home.  So, feeling relieved I went through my last class of the day and hurried home and waited for him to arrive. But the clock finally struck 6:00 and he still haven’t arrived. By 6:30 I was beginning to really panic; then at 7:00 pm he finally got home. I was near to tears by then. I was in our room, lying in bed by that time when he entered the room I didn’t know whether to run to him and hug him or slap the crap out of him, and I just burst into tears.

So, there that’s my week for you…very, very well filled I think. I was never emotional but I guess when it comes to family that’s different.