Movie Reviews

I am actually very, very tired…we just got back from the movies and we’ve been out sinceearly this afternoon but I know that hubby will be hogging the pc all to himself tomorrow (and I let him since it was the only time he has online) so I need to do this tonight..this morning actually as it’s already 12:24 am.

So, as I’ve mentioned we just got back from the movies…we watched Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen…and no “the fallen” here doesn’t speak of Megatron but you’ll have to watch the movie to find out. I mean, i don’t really wanna spoil the whole thing for woulnd’t want it anyways I’m sure. So, I’ll just stick to my own reactions here and will try not to mention too many specifics if I can help it.

As we entered the theater, I remember the kids were all ajitter, they’ve been looking forward to this for months now and they can’t sit still while waiting for the lights to go off. Me, I’m more worried about the seats and if I should really have them wear the face masks which they hate and whether they’re putting their hands in their mouths, their eyes..etc..etc..etc…until hubby finally told me to stop it and try to enjoy. Hey! What can I do I’m a mom, I worry..that’s what we do.

Anyways, so the movie began and the kids were totally enjoying it, asking me and hubby about this or that character sometimes recognizing the new robot all by themselves or commenting how that or this robot should have been like this and that. Actually, when it comes to mecha they’re a lot like hubby in many ways, I guess growing up with him allowed them to acquire most of his mannerisms and his likes and dislikes (they all love Star Wars…and I couldn’t understand it!)

The movie itself was very, very good..and it really delivered right up to all the expectations. Though what surprised me was that I didn’t get all that excited about it like I did the first movie. I mean, I remember being thrilled everytime I hear that familiar sound effect of when  the robots transform to a different appearance. In that way, I guess the magic was lessen but the beauty of the movie was there and I really enjoyed it thorougly. I don’t really wanna go in-depth with this because I know there are those who don’t want to have their excitement ruined by spoilers so I won’t get into that…just allow me to say that it was an awesome movie and one that you should really go out and see in the big screen.

Now, there’s another movie I would like to comment on. This is an old movie, well not that old, but it won and Oscar for the lead actress. I’m talking about “The Reader” where Kate Winslett won the Oscar for best actress. And while it was a very good movie, and at some point heart breaking….oddly enough, I can’t say that I was very much affected by it. I mean, it was good but it did not evoke any strong emotion from me…and at the very end the strongest reaction I have was confusion. I was confused not by the story but by the mere fact that it didn’t really leave you with much at the end. The reaction I have was “wala lang” (empty) I mean, if anyone asks me “what did you feel?” I would probably shrug and walk away. Sheesh! And I can’t really decide why I feel that way…


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