Celebrity Death and Introspection

June 25, 2009

This is surely be  a day that a lot of people will remember. I know that it’s already the 26th for us here in this part of the globe by I’m sure that it’s the 25th that will be pegged as D-Day…and why? Because two very important pop culture died on this day.

Today, the world grieve for the death of a legendary man, whose rise to success is only tempered by his downhill decline from stardoom and in the latter part of his middle age life…a seeming freakish view of him from the public’s view. I am talking about Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, and an incomparable artist even after all this failures and how his life can turned out in the last years. In the latter part of his life, Jackson became a weirdo in the eyes of the public; he was involved in child molestation cases, his innumerable surgeries and his image of a middle-age man trapped in childhood. But for all this, from a psychological point of view, Jackson was inherently trying to hold up and a re-live a pass he never had. He grew up too fast, and too much in such a short time that he completely missed his childhood. He grew up without ever learning how to play with kids his age, he never got into a normal school and he never had any friends outside of his entertainment circuit. I could never and would never defend his sins of molesting a child (though that was proven to be untrue, based on the court judgment) but I guess a part of him will always feel compassion for the child in him that was never given any chance to be a child. And in my small way I’ve like to say…Goodbye Michael…and I hope that every child will have the chance to be a child.

Another popular culture icon also passed away on the same day…Farrah Fawcett, that hot blond girl from the first Charlie’s Angels series in the mid-70s finally succumbed to cancer on the same day as Michale Jackson. Farrah had battled with the disease for a long time, and friends and family, though they were saddened by her passing were also relieved that she was finally at rest.

Thinking about these deaths, makes me think of my own mortality. These are people who have all the money in the world to get themselves cured but even all their money cannot do that. Medicine may have extended their lives but in the end when the Master calls you can do nothing but follow. My only hope is that when that happens I would have been able to say I lived my life to the fullest and to the best I know how and that people have benefited from the the borrowed time that God has given me. I hope my children would be well and settled and happy and that my dearest Tim is happy…at that time I am fulfilled.


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