Why Rizal????????

And so we end with the same question all over again….

I was meaning to make this blog last June 12 in line with the Independence Day but I got caught up with real life and totally forgot about it until now. But I have heard of this same question like a hundred times before and it just irked me that people just won’t leave it alone. This has come on the same category as the one about “which comes first the egg or the chicken?”

Well, anyways, the discussion was why was Rizal made the national hero and not Bonifacio? And before I give my two cents worth would anyone care to give their own opinion?


2 Responses to “Why Rizal????????”

  1. bobodollexperiment Says:

    actually, may batayan po sa pagpili ng national hero. and dun sa choices, di talaga kasali sa Bonifacio kasi isa sa mga batayan ay dapat namatay sa kamay ng ibang lahi (something like that) at kapwa pinoy ang pumatay sa kanya.
    if i remember it correctly, Jaena, Marcelo del Pilar, Aguinaldo & Rizal were the choices.

    • otakujade Says:

      Yep! Oo nga. It just fascinate me kasi to constantly hear people ask that question…lalo na pag Araw ng Kalayaan. Besides that making malaking factor din yung influence ng hero candidate; Bonifacio was a great hero and very courageous one at that but his way was to fight and the lessons we get from him was bravery and not much else. Whereas with Rizal and all the lessons he gave the youth, lessons we still teach them right now those are precious. Isa pa yung international influence of Rizal also played a role in the decision.

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