Catching up……..

I know I haven’t been around lately..and I apologize. I really don’t know who follows (or if anyone follows my blog anymore) but real life caught up with me all of a sudden and I just got lost in it all. And a lot of things have been happening these last few days. So we might as well start:

First and foremost of course is the wide spread epidemic on the A(H1N1). According to DoH they are already running out of swab kits for the disease because people have started demanding to be tested at the slightest sign of flu, cold and cough and other symptoms even though most just have the ordinary flu. Then again, DoH also announced that what we have here in the country is the less virulent strain of the disease. I don’t really know if I should be thankful for that or what but I guess in a way we should be. The only deatgh that was ever recorded in relation to the disease was one due to complications.

Being a mom, I couldn’t help but worry; not about myself but my own kids. As much as you want to protect them and try to educate them about the disease they just can’t seem to grasp the seriousness of it since it has thankfully not affected their school yet.

Unlike my school (sigh), I’m back to school again and just when classes are starting the school declared no classes due to H1N1. And now, DepEd said they are considering lessening the holidays for the kids..well, my kids haven’t heard that news yet but I’m sure they won’t like it as much I do.

But on the other side of the fence, we should also be careful but let’s not allow this disease to dictate our daily lives. We are in the middle of a financial crisis and we should keep in mind that for the country to recover we have to keep business going.  Like I’m really excited to go to the next Ozine event (Ozine Taiikii) and I was wondering if I should take the kids or not. This won’t be the first anime convention they go to but it’ll be the first Ozine for them, which in my personal opinion is much more “otaku” oriented than the Hataw events. Also, we’ve promised them that they’ll be able to watch Transformers on the big screen and they’ve been looking forward to it since April but now I am having second thoughts about taking them to the movies because of the disease. But taking my own advice, we’ll just bring face mask, hand sanitizers and alcohol along and continue with our plans. As I said, let’s not allow this disease to dictate our lives.


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