Not Again……….

When this thing first started it was really funny, even entertaining at some point. But these days it just got to the point of …well….tiresome really.

In case you’re wondering what the heck I’m talking about…I’m talking about the odd and sometimes even nasty looks I get from people around us who mistook hubby for a woman. It’s like we’re having this “lesbian relationship” and I get these old women glaring at me.

A few years ago it was actually funny how people, even girls would come up to him and borrow something and go “Miss can I borrow your pen..” then stop and go “Ay! Sorry…” then into an undertone…”lalaki pala!” I remember laughing so hard when that first happened. He glowered at me but I just kept on laughing..what the heck, it was hilarious! Then, it happened a few more time and there was this instance where a guy on the bus we were on (I was already sitting at the time) stood up and gave his seat to him.  I promise the only thing that kept from guffawing was the threatening look on his face! LMAO!

But these days, especially when he takes me to the jeepney stops and says bye-bye and kisses me and then I have to ride the jeep with some elderly women giving me nasty looks..I really would like to wring his neck. Oh I know that is not his fault, but really! I wish he were with me and he would speak in that very masculine voice of this that never stopped to shock people around us who really mistook him for a girl.

No, I still wouldn’t force him to cut his hair, though it’s longer than mine these days. I have gotten used to his long hair and I guess it would seem weird to me now to see him with short hair..but if he wants to cut it and it’s his own decision…well, he can of course. That is hair after all! Now if only I could find a way to slap the truth in these nosey people…like hey! I’m with a man dammit!


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