Maricar’s Flight…….

I really don’t wanna do this but it can’t be helped. Actually, I really don’t want to comment about the sex videos anymore but I can help but compare things. Recent (actually, 4 days ago pa) I was informed by hubby na may part 3 yung kay Maricar-Hayden. Now, incidentally for those who haven’t seen the first two videos (meron pa ba?) in all respect Maricar and Hayden’s videos where more graphic (so to speak) than Katrina..though the hussy was more vocal about it (binaboy ako!- statements.. )

I really admire how Maricar handled everything at the time, she was calm and compose about it and admitted that she didn’t now about the sex videos but that Hayden was her boyfriend at the time. And true enough that fact was very evident in their sex videos..they were talking and cuddling and it was all very sweet really. As a friend commented one time, “di mukhang bastos”.

Anyways, recently as I mentioned part 3 came out. And though a lot of people were curious about it, miraculously the media didn’t make any noise about it. Why? Because, they can’t get anything, any dramatics from Maricar. This 3rd video was really the most “provocative”; REALLY!!! There’s news that Maricar and her entire family is already abroad and plans to live there for keeps. Well, I don’t blame her…nor do I blame Hayden except for making those stupid videos and then not securing them properly. But, I really admire how Maricar is handling these issues and yes, I would suggest leaving the country and settling down somewhere else. Not for anything else but for your future kids, and husband but also for your own peace of mind.


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