Bakit nga ba………..

A certain topic of conversation sa aming very popular and ever active forum board got me thinking…how far have we really changed from the way of thinking of our elders? I am talking here about machismo..about delineating the boundaries of sexuality to be exact.

Earlier in the news, there was a report about a domestic helper (local news lang sya) who complained to the police that her employers forced her to have a threesome with them and the couple even videotaped the act. Now, my father was also watching with me and he had a real hard time trying to comprehend what was that all about. He couldn’t really picture it in his mind that a wife would willingly allow another woman in bed with her and her hubby.

And, there was a discussion in our forum about artist who everyone thought were these handsome guys but they turned out to be gay.  I have also noted that people are coming out of the closet more and more about stuffs like these. When I was growing up any show of bi-sexualism, lesbianism or gay behavior was being open comdemn by society at large. And yet today, I see a lot of girl-girl couples on the MRT and boy-boy couple walking at Trinoma and SM-North holding hands.

Now, I have never been against this type of relationship..though I do not encourage it. I am admittedly a fan of yaoi though not of yuri and yet to see these couples demonstrating intimacy in public still comes as a bit of a surprise to me. Admittedly, our society is progressing to a point where such things are becoming acceptable though it has not reached that point still of being openly acceptable, people still look at them oddly and someone sneer or smirk when they see these couples.

My personal take on the matter? To each his own. I have a friend who used to be a man, he had several girlfriends before he tried a relationship with a man. At the time we would push him still to find a girl, go out with a girl and he would say he would but eventually he started going out exclusively with men. I would admit to him having that tendency even years earlier but his complete turn around still shocked a lot of people.

I cannot blame my father for having difficulty with the idea of accepting such acts. During his time, those things are never discussed in public and had to be kept secret. In a society where my father existed Bee-Bee Gandang-Hari wouldn’t have survived nor would Aiza Seguerra be able to live with her partner in piece.

As I said, I cannot discriminate against these people, because I believe some of them, if not most of them owe their sexual orientation to their genes. But the question remains are we progressing or as our elders termed..are we lacking in morality and decency?

I’ll leave that for each and everyone of you to answer in your own personal way………….


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