Sunny day…Oh Happy day!!! hehehe!

This was the first day in almost two weeks that it didn’t rain and hubby was ecstatic! hehehe! Since I’ve been home for the last few days and cooking for the family (taking a leave from the office), he’s been complaining that if he doesn’t get any exercise soon he’ll get fat. Weird, that between the two of us he’s the one obssesed with being trim and fit whereas I, well, I love to eat and I really have a problem loosing weight due to my asthma which keeps me from doing a lot of things.

Last night he was literally praying for a sunny day and I guess the Man upstairs heard him and decided to grant his prayers. He left at 4:30 am this morning, all in good mood and excited to go biking again. Now, that’s his latest sports of choice…no, I should say that’s his favorite sports activity. He gets into a lot of different things for a while but he always goes back to biking. Either that or he does these other things with biking….like he joined the Manila Dragons Dragonboat Rowing Team at one point, went mountaineering as well..and several other stuffs but he’s always gone back to biking. It’s a hobby, though a rather expensive one at that but if that makes him happy..right?

Anyways, he was disappointed that he was not able to make it very far today. He had only gone up to Marikina then to UP and home…usually on a good day he would go up to Antipolo or go with his buddies somewhere (go on ride as they termed it) that would last from half a day to the whole day sometimes depending on how far they went or how rough the trail is. But today, even though he didn’t go far you could see his joy in being able to go riding his bike again…he was laughing when he was telling me later after he got home that there were so many of them today..and all complaining of how long they’re been kept indoors.

Men! Well, they need their hobbies and their let them.


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