House…the series

I just spent most of the day infront of my pc watching season 5 of House. Now, i have been following this series for the last 5 seasons and it’s been such a joy and informative viewing; there’s a surprise with nearly every episode and something new and profound with every new season..this latest season was probably the most interesting and intriguing one. Here, we see Gregory House battling issues with his addiction to Bicodyn and trying to cope with issues of losing a colleague to a very disturbing end – a suicide.

The season also dealth with Cameron (Jennifer Morrison) and Chase (Jesse Spencer) love affair and how two people who really wanted to work things out in their relationship really can and will if they truly love each other. Now, I know that’s a very romantized view but where’s the value in a relationship if romance isn’t around…can you go on simply by commitment? The answer is no. Yes, commitment is important – it’s very important – but love needs romance to be appreciated.

We see women in most series, movie, novel and dramas as those who seek out commitment – they’re supposed to be the one who have no issue whatsoever with their relationship and their need to marry someone. Well, that idea is wrong, sometimes it’s the men who are actually sure of where they are rather than the women but then you’re considered weird and unnatural if you so much as admit to that.

I guess, I relate a lot to Cameron on this issue because I have gone through and sometimes still do go through the same thing. Like her, I have had a not so very good experience with commitment when I met hubby…I was a single mom and he a single guy; he was also 5 years younger. And in the years that we’ve been through together it was I who kept trying to find ways and reasons not to marry…why? Because I was afraid of FAILING yet again..and this time it’s not only me I’m letting down but also my kids who I love and would protect with my life even if it means letting go of my own chance to be happy with someone. And hubby had always been there, so sure of US and what we can achieve together. And all this time, he’s been the one pulling and getting us through the worst situations. True, he’s not perfect there are times he drives me off the wall but that’s where commitment comes in…and most of the times…we are happy – that’s where the romance is.

Ahh, how the heck did this entire things ended up with me again??? Anyways, that’s one of the reason I kept following this’s so reflective of the human endeavor…of how we are and how we happen to react to life in general.


4 Responses to “House…the series”

  1. gatchzilla Says:

    I can’t say how happy I am at may review ka na sa favorite series ko…ako, I don’t know kung kanino ako makaka-relate…kasi when I am with a “common friend”, I feel like Wilson to his being House…

    • otakujade Says:

      Parang alam ko na…bakit naman…actually, talagang weird lang yun hwag mong pinag-iintindi yun. Just let the comments and whatever slide down your shoulders and it’ll all be fine. Like, House he doesn’t mind being let down at that…LOL! And so if you’re comparing yourself to Wilson remember he has his moments of greatest and being an ass too. *wink*

  2. In my opinion, I am like…

    Dr. Gregory House–because of his frequent use of sports metaphors.
    Dr. James Wilson–because of his being a friend to a jerk.
    Dr. Eric Foreman–because of his being boring.
    Dr. Robert Chase–because of his…I don’t know…
    Dr. Lawrence Kutner–because of his being a smart-ass.
    Dr. Chris Taub–because of his height.

    • otakujade Says:

      Well, no matter what I still like you the way you are. You’re still one of the intelligent people I know, and if I want an intelligent conversation I know I can always find that it you.

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