Lacson’s Withdrawal from the Race

Another busy weekend for me, I won’t bore with all the things I needed to do the entire day but rest assure it was considerably busy, as most weekend are for me.  It’s frustrating how…when you’re miles away from a computer your mind goes a hundred miles and hour working on issues and things that you would consider as a great topic for your blog and when you finally get the chance to sit in front of the pc and get mind just goes blank. There exemptions to the rules  of course but for me this is the case most of the time.

Well, anyways to get back to the topic at hand, I was busy reading from my e-book reader last night when I received a text from a good friend (who’s been attacking me on our online game quite regular..makakabawi din ako sa mokong na yon!) informing me that Senator Lacson had just announced his withdrawal from the Presidential Race. I was really shocked, I mean if there was one thing people know about Senator Lacson it’s the fact that he never quits and never backs down, so why is it that all of sudden he is withdrawing from the race? I rushed to our TV and turned on the news just in time to see Senator Lacson say that he was withdrawing because he didn’t have the billions of pesos that will be needed to continue with his presidential ambition.

Now that really got me thinking…this implied two things really: First that no one was supporting him ergo he was no “so-called friends” who will back him up with cash, though I am sure would not lack anything in terms of supporter; and Second, that he was implying those who can run for the Presidential Position either have billions in their coffers or are well supported by their “so-called friends.”  Now, that’s really scary for as we all those political friends are neither benevolent nor generous..they give their financial support connected with a very strong and resilient strings attached where they can influence and manipulate the way business, the economy and politics in the country.

It would have been nice to have a candidate who do not have these type of “friends”.  But aside froma very few people, I don’t think there are many in politics who would rank among these billionaires. Funnily enough, the billionaires are never politicians; they are businessmen who has a big say in how business in the country goes and with that economy.  It’s all just a matter of playing your cards right with these people. But it is sad that we cannot seem to have any leader who is not indebted in one way or another to these “so-called friends”. The current administration is nothing but a continuous string of pleasing these “friends” who helped PGMA get into position. I do not assume to judge her character as a person but it is hard to govern when your hands are tied because you owe too many people too much.

Needless to say, I do like Lacson…he rules with an iron hand..maybe he does a few things unconventionally and he’s not afraid to use his power but judging from experience at least he gives to people what is due to them. Lacson’s term as C, PNP was one of the very rare times when the ublic actually trusted the police. He was a hard leader, but he was also a very just one. He removed all gasoline allowance from the top brass of the PNP and pushed the supplies and equipments in the field where they are needed.  His disciplinary actions are quick and without pretense. A lot of people hated him for that but there are also those who actually liked what he was doing – ask any taxi driver, jeepney driver, bus driver, an ordinary citizen and even the cops on the street about it and they will tell you Lacson’s term as C, PNP was the best.

Yeah, I know it will be harder to do that in a Presidential position, because there are more things to be taken into consideration, there are policies that had to be followed and international holdings to take into consideration. In my humble opinion, Lacson was a wild card and many in politics would be afraid to see him win so they will do all in their power to see him lose.  Lacson would not be able to win an election as president unless he is backs by a stronger power. He would won in 2004 if FPJ had agreed to run as Vice-President beside him but I really can’t decide if FPJ’s friend love or hate him, that they push him to insist on the presidency thus dividing the votes of the opposition.

No, I don’t think Lacson will win now as president, though I would say that if he decides to run as Vice-President as Erap’s running mate they will get a landslide vote. I would probably vote for Lacson though….I’m not really sure I would choose Erap as my president. I am just saying that such a tandem would most probably win.


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