Do you believe in Destiny?

I encountered this very same question not very long ago…perhaps about a week or so from today, and it made me stop and I? Is there really such a thing as destiny? Fate? And personally, I came to a conclusion that to a certain extent I do; yes, I do believe that there are some things..unexplanable and unreasonable…which can only be explained by what is called as fate.

I had a very turbulent youth, I was a good child but a wild one as well. I made a lot of mistakes though in my favor I am proud to say that whatever mistakes I made I stood for and never blamed anyone else. Anyways, fate was the only reason I could find to explain how I came to meet my life partner because at the time we met I was not really the most desirable person to be with. I had a lot of baggagein my life and I had a lot of issues. I wasn’t looking for love, didn’t want it, thought I didn’t need it but he comes along and changed all that.

We met in the most unexpected way, in the most irrelevant situation and got to know each other surprisingly fast and well. Never in my wildest dream did I ever think he would be the one, and I think I am right in saying he had the same thought at the time. And yet two months from hence we met we were an item and two weeks after that, he asked me to marry him! I laughed at him but said yes, not really believing he meant that proposal and yet…LOL!

So yes, I guess I do believe in Destiny; I believe we were meant to be together. It’s dramatic and all lovey-dovey but allow me this little veering off from the usual because I don’t really know how to explain the reason my love and I are here now and continue to grow stronger in out devotion to each other with each passing days, months and years that we are together.


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