Well! This is turning out to be NOT a very good day for me! If anyone should care to read this blog I apologize in advance for the rants I will be writing here because honestly, that is what you are about to read…GRRR!!!!

To start off, I was recently informed (just a few minutes prior to writing this blog actually, which triggered this rant in the first place) that our regular conference which was scheduled every two weeks has now been adjusted to once every damn week! You know, if these people can actually solve the organizations problems through conference; this organization would have been a candidate for the most admirable organization in the country. But as it is, nothing is being solved and in all honestly those conferences were nothing but a chance for these old geezers to get together and show off just what they thought they know. It’s just infuriating how, they would rather spend their time inside a conference room being lulled to sleep by other officers and eating expensive snacks! These old geezers can actually stay in conference for 7 hours!!!! goddamit!

Another thing to rant about? Our stupid uniforms. Honestly, they should make a policy stating that those employees 50 years old and above should be prohibited from making decisions on uniform the younger generations are supposed to wear. I mean, I cannot count the number of times I have been asked “Ma’am san po kayo nagtuturo?” Now, I don’t have anything against teachers, I mean I’m taking an MBA to be able to teach college students but that’s just it, I want to teach where I can wear the type of clothes I want!  I mean, let’s face it…elementary public school teachers have frumpy uniforms, now it’s not their fault at all but it’s those people in the main office who gets to say what they’re supposed to wear. And it’s the same thing here! No matter how many times they ask us to vote on the design of uniform we want we’re always out-voted by the old crones! Grrr! Understand, I have nothing against old peope but if we’re supposed to adjust to them then I guess it is only fair that they also think about what fits us at some point in the decision process. That’s not asking too much, right?


One Response to “ARRGGGG!!!!”

  1. Your bosses have an excellent gig…just sitting on their asses for 7 hours once a week, eating expensive snacks…and all on the taxpayer’s tab…nice!

    On the uniform issue, bakit naman sila ganyan? Hindi naman siguro kapag porke medyo bata ang nasa isip lang eh miniskirts and plunging necklines (though I would LOVE to see a company implement that…joke!). The young ones also know decency…

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