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Movie Reviews

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I am actually very, very tired…we just got back from the movies and we’ve been out sinceearly this afternoon but I know that hubby will be hogging the pc all to himself tomorrow (and I let him since it was the only time he has online) so I need to do this tonight..this morning actually as it’s already 12:24 am.

So, as I’ve mentioned we just got back from the movies…we watched Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen…and no “the fallen” here doesn’t speak of Megatron but you’ll have to watch the movie to find out. I mean, i don’t really wanna spoil the whole thing for woulnd’t want it anyways I’m sure. So, I’ll just stick to my own reactions here and will try not to mention too many specifics if I can help it.

As we entered the theater, I remember the kids were all ajitter, they’ve been looking forward to this for months now and they can’t sit still while waiting for the lights to go off. Me, I’m more worried about the seats and if I should really have them wear the face masks which they hate and whether they’re putting their hands in their mouths, their eyes..etc..etc..etc…until hubby finally told me to stop it and try to enjoy. Hey! What can I do I’m a mom, I worry..that’s what we do.

Anyways, so the movie began and the kids were totally enjoying it, asking me and hubby about this or that character sometimes recognizing the new robot all by themselves or commenting how that or this robot should have been like this and that. Actually, when it comes to mecha they’re a lot like hubby in many ways, I guess growing up with him allowed them to acquire most of his mannerisms and his likes and dislikes (they all love Star Wars…and I couldn’t understand it!)

The movie itself was very, very good..and it really delivered right up to all the expectations. Though what surprised me was that I didn’t get all that excited about it like I did the first movie. I mean, I remember being thrilled everytime I hear that familiar sound effect of when  the robots transform to a different appearance. In that way, I guess the magic was lessen but the beauty of the movie was there and I really enjoyed it thorougly. I don’t really wanna go in-depth with this because I know there are those who don’t want to have their excitement ruined by spoilers so I won’t get into that…just allow me to say that it was an awesome movie and one that you should really go out and see in the big screen.

Now, there’s another movie I would like to comment on. This is an old movie, well not that old, but it won and Oscar for the lead actress. I’m talking about “The Reader” where Kate Winslett won the Oscar for best actress. And while it was a very good movie, and at some point heart breaking….oddly enough, I can’t say that I was very much affected by it. I mean, it was good but it did not evoke any strong emotion from me…and at the very end the strongest reaction I have was confusion. I was confused not by the story but by the mere fact that it didn’t really leave you with much at the end. The reaction I have was “wala lang” (empty) I mean, if anyone asks me “what did you feel?” I would probably shrug and walk away. Sheesh! And I can’t really decide why I feel that way…


Celebrity Death and Introspection

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June 25, 2009

This is surely be  a day that a lot of people will remember. I know that it’s already the 26th for us here in this part of the globe by I’m sure that it’s the 25th that will be pegged as D-Day…and why? Because two very important pop culture died on this day.

Today, the world grieve for the death of a legendary man, whose rise to success is only tempered by his downhill decline from stardoom and in the latter part of his middle age life…a seeming freakish view of him from the public’s view. I am talking about Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, and an incomparable artist even after all this failures and how his life can turned out in the last years. In the latter part of his life, Jackson became a weirdo in the eyes of the public; he was involved in child molestation cases, his innumerable surgeries and his image of a middle-age man trapped in childhood. But for all this, from a psychological point of view, Jackson was inherently trying to hold up and a re-live a pass he never had. He grew up too fast, and too much in such a short time that he completely missed his childhood. He grew up without ever learning how to play with kids his age, he never got into a normal school and he never had any friends outside of his entertainment circuit. I could never and would never defend his sins of molesting a child (though that was proven to be untrue, based on the court judgment) but I guess a part of him will always feel compassion for the child in him that was never given any chance to be a child. And in my small way I’ve like to say…Goodbye Michael…and I hope that every child will have the chance to be a child.

Another popular culture icon also passed away on the same day…Farrah Fawcett, that hot blond girl from the first Charlie’s Angels series in the mid-70s finally succumbed to cancer on the same day as Michale Jackson. Farrah had battled with the disease for a long time, and friends and family, though they were saddened by her passing were also relieved that she was finally at rest.

Thinking about these deaths, makes me think of my own mortality. These are people who have all the money in the world to get themselves cured but even all their money cannot do that. Medicine may have extended their lives but in the end when the Master calls you can do nothing but follow. My only hope is that when that happens I would have been able to say I lived my life to the fullest and to the best I know how and that people have benefited from the the borrowed time that God has given me. I hope my children would be well and settled and happy and that my dearest Tim is happy…at that time I am fulfilled.

Why Rizal????????

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And so we end with the same question all over again….

I was meaning to make this blog last June 12 in line with the Independence Day but I got caught up with real life and totally forgot about it until now. But I have heard of this same question like a hundred times before and it just irked me that people just won’t leave it alone. This has come on the same category as the one about “which comes first the egg or the chicken?”

Well, anyways, the discussion was why was Rizal made the national hero and not Bonifacio? And before I give my two cents worth would anyone care to give their own opinion?

Catching up……..

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I know I haven’t been around lately..and I apologize. I really don’t know who follows (or if anyone follows my blog anymore) but real life caught up with me all of a sudden and I just got lost in it all. And a lot of things have been happening these last few days. So we might as well start:

First and foremost of course is the wide spread epidemic on the A(H1N1). According to DoH they are already running out of swab kits for the disease because people have started demanding to be tested at the slightest sign of flu, cold and cough and other symptoms even though most just have the ordinary flu. Then again, DoH also announced that what we have here in the country is the less virulent strain of the disease. I don’t really know if I should be thankful for that or what but I guess in a way we should be. The only deatgh that was ever recorded in relation to the disease was one due to complications.

Being a mom, I couldn’t help but worry; not about myself but my own kids. As much as you want to protect them and try to educate them about the disease they just can’t seem to grasp the seriousness of it since it has thankfully not affected their school yet.

Unlike my school (sigh), I’m back to school again and just when classes are starting the school declared no classes due to H1N1. And now, DepEd said they are considering lessening the holidays for the kids..well, my kids haven’t heard that news yet but I’m sure they won’t like it as much I do.

But on the other side of the fence, we should also be careful but let’s not allow this disease to dictate our daily lives. We are in the middle of a financial crisis and we should keep in mind that for the country to recover we have to keep business going.  Like I’m really excited to go to the next Ozine event (Ozine Taiikii) and I was wondering if I should take the kids or not. This won’t be the first anime convention they go to but it’ll be the first Ozine for them, which in my personal opinion is much more “otaku” oriented than the Hataw events. Also, we’ve promised them that they’ll be able to watch Transformers on the big screen and they’ve been looking forward to it since April but now I am having second thoughts about taking them to the movies because of the disease. But taking my own advice, we’ll just bring face mask, hand sanitizers and alcohol along and continue with our plans. As I said, let’s not allow this disease to dictate our lives.

Not Again……….

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When this thing first started it was really funny, even entertaining at some point. But these days it just got to the point of …well….tiresome really.

In case you’re wondering what the heck I’m talking about…I’m talking about the odd and sometimes even nasty looks I get from people around us who mistook hubby for a woman. It’s like we’re having this “lesbian relationship” and I get these old women glaring at me.

A few years ago it was actually funny how people, even girls would come up to him and borrow something and go “Miss can I borrow your pen..” then stop and go “Ay! Sorry…” then into an undertone…”lalaki pala!” I remember laughing so hard when that first happened. He glowered at me but I just kept on laughing..what the heck, it was hilarious! Then, it happened a few more time and there was this instance where a guy on the bus we were on (I was already sitting at the time) stood up and gave his seat to him.  I promise the only thing that kept from guffawing was the threatening look on his face! LMAO!

But these days, especially when he takes me to the jeepney stops and says bye-bye and kisses me and then I have to ride the jeep with some elderly women giving me nasty looks..I really would like to wring his neck. Oh I know that is not his fault, but really! I wish he were with me and he would speak in that very masculine voice of this that never stopped to shock people around us who really mistook him for a girl.

No, I still wouldn’t force him to cut his hair, though it’s longer than mine these days. I have gotten used to his long hair and I guess it would seem weird to me now to see him with short hair..but if he wants to cut it and it’s his own decision…well, he can of course. That is hair after all! Now if only I could find a way to slap the truth in these nosey people…like hey! I’m with a man dammit!

Maricar’s Flight…….

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I really don’t wanna do this but it can’t be helped. Actually, I really don’t want to comment about the sex videos anymore but I can help but compare things. Recent (actually, 4 days ago pa) I was informed by hubby na may part 3 yung kay Maricar-Hayden. Now, incidentally for those who haven’t seen the first two videos (meron pa ba?) in all respect Maricar and Hayden’s videos where more graphic (so to speak) than Katrina..though the hussy was more vocal about it (binaboy ako!- statements.. )

I really admire how Maricar handled everything at the time, she was calm and compose about it and admitted that she didn’t now about the sex videos but that Hayden was her boyfriend at the time. And true enough that fact was very evident in their sex videos..they were talking and cuddling and it was all very sweet really. As a friend commented one time, “di mukhang bastos”.

Anyways, recently as I mentioned part 3 came out. And though a lot of people were curious about it, miraculously the media didn’t make any noise about it. Why? Because, they can’t get anything, any dramatics from Maricar. This 3rd video was really the most “provocative”; REALLY!!! There’s news that Maricar and her entire family is already abroad and plans to live there for keeps. Well, I don’t blame her…nor do I blame Hayden except for making those stupid videos and then not securing them properly. But, I really admire how Maricar is handling these issues and yes, I would suggest leaving the country and settling down somewhere else. Not for anything else but for your future kids, and husband but also for your own peace of mind.

How do I know you………?

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You know one fault we women regularly make is that we have the tendency to move heaven and earth of find out everything and anything about our partners.  Now, where is the fun in that?

I have always been a strong advocate of the principle that “there should be a point of mystery in every relationship”.  And, a lot of women disagree with me and most men agree. Now, most agree because it gives them the excuse not to tell their partner everything..and I always point out to them that it’s a two-way thing. If they don’t tell the other person their secret then it is possible that the other person is also hiding something from them, right?

So, when you look at it this way it seems a very negative thing, right? But to me it’s not because to me everything rests on TRUST. I believe that before two people met and formed a relationship they are two very different individuals. Now the magic word there is INDIVIDUAL – that means two very distinct personality and that is why they shouldn’t lose that even as they enter into a partnership with another person. If he doesn’t tell you about it then maybe it’s not that important or he really doesn’t want you to know…and sometimes knowing just hurts you.

Okay, let’s say he/she was unfaithful, now that is a big foul and a huge betrayal of trust but can you prevent that? If a man/woman wants to foul around there is nothing in this God-made earth that can stop him/her aside from his own conscience. Not you, not his friends…but just him. That issue will be between the person and his/her conscience. And you have the option to leave him and forgive him depending on your own volition of the problem. Because sometimes, the fault is not restricted to only one person but on you too. Sabi nga, it takes two to tango.

I grew up closer to men than people on my own gender simply because I like their company a lot more. With my male friends I can talk about the latest action movie, principles, ideals, sports, new discoveries..etc..etc..etc.. things that most women (though not all) do not care about. I can count of the fingers on one hand the number of women I know who are watching UFC regularly, who know the names of the players and know the rules of American Football…or would rather read espionage rather than romance. Buti na lang among the younger generations there are more and more girls/ladies who have become well rounded.

But getting back to the issue at hand, based from my own personal experience, letting the other person be who and what he/she  was before they met you. If there  should be changes in them then that is their own decision and I found out that people who change because they want to change for that other person are better adapted and have more conviction. Besides, there is an aesthetic beauty in discovering something new about your partner every single day.  What is important is that you know the other person love you, of that you have to be sure, and besides that let him/her be the person he/she needs to be. Always, there should be a marriage of the mind and the soul. It’s like “I love you and I won’t do anything that will hurt you..and in so doing I am trusting that you would not do anything to hurt me. I trust in that.”

So, keep the mystery going and as the years go by the relationship with grow deeper and deeper because he will treasure that part of you that allowed him to be who he is. And ladies, please when you get married and have kids do your best not to slide into the all common trap of loosing your sense of adventure. Don’t be frumpy and don’t lose yourself.  I know you have to be devoted mother and wife but you should be something else should be YOU.