Part 3?

As you can see I haven’t blogged for days, and the reason behind that is that I don’t really have anything to blog about.Nothing much have been happening in my life, save the constant barrage of work related activities and the irrittatingly constant news about Katrina-Hayden.

As much as I tried not to make this into a series, I guess it’s turning out that way. Well, forgive me if I have to delve into the worn out issue of Hayden and Katrina but after the Senate hearing yesterday there are just some things that had to be said.

The entire proceeding was a farce, they called for an inquiry on the sex scandal and ended up taking up the drug issue.  What I am afraid of f  is that they wanted to tackle the drug issue but once it starts to touch on powerful people the issue will then die because they cannot folow through with their bravado.

It was full of crap, the questioning were out of line and there was too much dramatics about the entire thing. But then what can you expect with a Senate proceeding headed by no less than the ever dramatic and exaggerated Jamby Madrigal, coupled with showbiz personalities like Bong Revilla and Jinggoy Estrada though in fairness to the last named personality he didn’t contribute much to what went wrong.  And what transpired is what you get when you let people who’s main objective is – popularity.

Add to that Katrina Halili’s unbelievable dramatics and scripted lines; the raucous made by Afuang who had no business at all to what was happening.

The last part speaks so much about Senate security. They said that Afuang had a PRESS does that mean that anyone wearing a PRESS ID had the immunity against being frisked and checked by the Senate guards??? What if what he had with him was “acid”, would Senate take the responsibility for that lax in security that might have endangered their invitee? Yes, invitee because that is all Hayden Kho was, and that was all they could make him. He was never placed under arrest.  A lot of people say that the water-pouring incident by Afuang was scripted, maybe; but to me what was glaringly scripted was the statements delivered by Katrina Halili about she trusted the doctor and loved him with all her heart..etc..etc..etc…. *Sigh* Yeah, women can be that stupid! You give your heart wholely to a person who know to be committed to someone else! (Sarcasm here!)

Now, last night Senator Bong Revilla was on the news saying that Hayden was trying to appear as the victim…HELLO!!! He is! In all this there were three victims, Hayden and Katrina. Why? Katrina was the victim of her own folly, she let herself be used by people like Jamby Madrigal and Bong Revilla. And her supposed adviser Manay Lolit? Come on guys I don’t need to tell you the number of times this woman had been involved in scandals. And a few days ago she was criticizing Vicky Belo for her continued support for Haydeb Kho? WTF?! What Belo does with her money is her own business, if she wants to give it to Kho then it’s her discrition.

Hayden Kho was a victim of his own stupidity. He should have been more careful with his sex files; he should have been more considerate of his partners. It would have been so easy to ask the women who went to bed with him if they would allow themselves to be taped. Believe some women allow that! And he was the victim of whoever it was who publicized the sex videos. He didn’t want that to happen but it did and he must be man enough to face the music. And that was what the Senate should have been looking for, who let the rabbit out of the hat???

I still cannot believe this went up to the Senate, I mean, did the US Senate said anything when Paris Hilton or Britney Spears’ sex video came out? Honestly, we are the laughing stock of the international community on this.

You know what I hate about all this – is that women keep advocating equal rights. What equal rights is there when in cases like such it’s the men who always gets the brunt of the fault? Just because you’re a woman, you instantly become a victim? You have a special division in the PNP to take care of your own affairs? That’s not equal rights, that a special privelege. It is not short of the old adage that it’s a man’s world….but women rule? LOL! Come on think about it, Katrina keeps saying she’s the victim; she says she felt like she was raped, in her own words “binaboy ako”. Now, I watched the videos…and I didn’t see Hayden forcing himself on her. She was a willing, a very willing partner in their betrayal of Vicky Belo.

Now, I advocate equal priveleges but not rights because I have accepted it a long time ago that as a woman I enjoy rights never enjoyed by men. That I can use being a woman to hurt and defame a man should I want. And a man who knows, recognize and respect that difference is a learned and wise man.


One Response to “Part 3?”

  1. gatchzilla Says:

    Thanks for the compliments. I see here that you’ve covered the bases I forgot to cover on my own blog, and that is very good.

    I agree, no one can claim that they are totally innocent in this whole unbearable charade. Everybody is guilty of their own sins, but a lot of them continue to wash dirty linen in public.

    As for the sorry stunt by Abner Afuang, well, part of me wished that Hayden Kho chased him and gave him what he was looking for. Part of me wished that Afuang did bring acid, para magkaalaman nung sino ang talagang wala sa tamang pag-iisip.

    I am thinking about making a sequel to my blog, but I am still thinking of words to describe this ruckus.

    Again, thanks for the compliments!

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