Ito pa rin?????

It’s been days already at so far si Katrina at Hayden pa rin ang laman ng news! I mean, come on people!!! Get a life! Move on!

IMHO, the issue wouldn’t have been this blown up without the media and Katrina crying her eyes out in front of the camera. As for Hayden, I guess if you’re expecting me to be angry at the guy then you’re talking to the wrong person. Sa akin lang if he wants to do video tape what he’s doing, let him provided the other person knows about it. And that’s something he’ll have to answer for in the case of Katrina, as for the other women on his so-called sex video library…if they know about it; there’s really nothing the government or the public can do about it. I mean, that is private property and for private just so happen that someone stole them from him and set it out on the public. The person who did it should be hanged though. The best that Dr. Kho could be answerable to would be if the women doesn’t know about it (in which case Ms. Maricar obviously knows about her video) kse Human Rights violation yun and the other is for negligence because it was stolen from him and even them may laban yung case na yun. Sino ba naman ang gustong manakawan, di ba?


One Response to “Ito pa rin?????”

  1. Like what I said on my Facebook profile, “Could we stop this Hayden-Katrina-Vicki circus once and for all? We want to move on and watch the news we need (like the status of the A/H1N1 virus in the Philippines) and the more deserving news (like Direk Brillante Mendoza’s victory in Cannes)?”

    Please lang, wala nang sasakay, puwede?

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