Commenting of Issues

Honestly! I’m really sick and tired of seeing nothing but Katrina Halili and her sex videos. And like the rest of the world I got curious about it and yesterday in the office someone came in with a downloaded version of the sex videos.  There are 3 in the torrent actually, and honestly, hers isn’t the one that actually made any impression. It was dark and a bit blurry;the one about Maricar Reyes was actually very clear.  I remember old women in the office commenting about it is language such as “kakadiri”; “baboy”..etc. until someone had enough courage to say “Normal sex lang yan! Kayo naman parang di pa kayo nakakita ng porn.” which effectively shut them off.  Actually, it looks a lot more like you’re watching a porn film rather than a personal sex video. And she was obviously enjoying it at the time, so IMHO Katrina has no right to say na “binaboy” sya. What she should be angry about more is the fact that it came out in the media; that’s what she should be questioning. Pero kasi at the onslaught of the issue she claimed that Kho was nothing but a one-night stand, well she should have owned up to it na lang rather than recant the issue at this point. Para di lumaki, like what Maricar did. She simply said that Kho was a former boyfriend and let the issue died.

And you know what’s so funny, when people (tricycle drivers at that) were asked about the sex videos, ang sabi nila “naaawa nga ho kami kay Katrina eh”…..that really made me laugh! As if!!!!!

Here’s another funny thing: Senate and the Congress also wants in on the issue. Election time naman!!!! Imagine Senate proving the issue and the Congress wants to put out a law penalizing those who watch them. I would really LOVE to see them try…imagine half the population of Metro Manila being in detention. That would cause the detention centers t overflow whereas it is already overflowing. Don’t make me laugh. And they want to put up a law about uploading sex videos???? Come on people, please try harder not to advertise how ignorant you are. Sheesh!

Well, anyways, like most issues that one will die soon enough as people find other things to talk about.


One Response to “Commenting of Issues”

  1. Congratulations, Dr. Hayden Kho. You’ve just encouraged The Morals Police and put all the responsible porn viewers at risk of having their fix denied by politicians desperate to court the conservative vote in 2010.

    I disagree with Sen. Bong Revilla when he said that you were insane…nope, you are an a**-hole (by taking videos without your partners’ knowledge and consent), you are stupid (by thinking that you can get away with it by being a celebrity boytoy), and both stupid and an a**-hole (by telling where your video stash was).

    I haven’t watched the videos, but I will soon, in the interest of the truth.

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