Going to Divisoria

I had a full day yesterday and that’s why I was not able to write a blog.

My sister and I left the house at around 8am to go to Divisoria to try to purchase cheaper priced uniforms for our kids. It’s the same quality and brand that you see in the malls though priced an arm and a leg cheaper; so what other options do we have? We got to Divisoria at about 9:30 or 10am and immediately when on our shopping for the uniforms – haggling here and there so get the best possible bargain that could be got.  Around 11am we were at the pants vendor when there came a bit of a commotion among the vendors; they started picking up their wares displayed on the side walks and carrying them closer to the establishments. Then we saw this vehicle, going against the flow and it was going very slow at first we thought it was trying to drive the vendors to move towards the side walks and make way for the vehicles to be able to pass the road which they have already occupied nearly stopping traffic in the area but when it came in front of the store where we were buying from we saw the man inside, a policeman at that wearing his patrol uniform, reached out of the car and grabbed several bundles of shirts and undershirts and pull them into his vehicle. Everyone was looking at the policeman but he was so dense he doesn’t even care!!!! I was irked I tell you! So I went and asked the vendor who the policeman was and she regretably told me they didn’t know but just the fact that he was wearing a police uniform even if he was in a private vehicle was enough to cause these people to pause and just shrug at was done. I tried to get the vehicle’s plate number as it had already moved away but all I got was UNY…damn! I really I was able to video the whole thing but it was so sudden I didn’t even think about it until after he was gone. GRRRR!!!! You bastards are the reason people have no respect for the police, you should be tied and fed to crocodile then you’d at least have some worth…


2 Responses to “Going to Divisoria”

  1. Really? Well, that makes me wish for the good old days when Ping Lacson was still at the helm of the PNP…and they wonder why public perception of the police is so negative…

    • otakujade Says:

      Oy! Nabasa mo rin yun? LOL! Yeah, I really wish I was able to get a pic or video of that guy.

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