Skipped a day for blogs again, and after thinking and re-thinking about things I wanted to blog I am lost and unable to think up of anything to write down.

Well, I am still watching 1 Litre of Tears and crying my eyes out in the process, though now I try to watch just one episode a night sothat don’t have yo wake up with puffy cheeks and eyes every morning causing people to ask me “what happened?” LOL!

Been toying with loads of business ideas too, actually I’ve been engrossed with these two ideas for ever so long but I just lack the amount of fund needed. No wonder the rich get richer they have the money put up more businesses and enter into an enterprise when and where they wanted to. Sometimes, I truly wish I have the talent of John Hammond to convince people to invest in something I wanted to do; wish I have a philantropy’s talent then I can set the wheels in motion for the businesses I wanted to start.  *sigh*

And another *sigh* it’s enrollment once again. Enrollment for all 3 of us that is, me and the two kids. And the sad this is, parents of today are forced to send their children to private schools so that the kids would at least learn something. I mean, I came from a public school but then at the time there were only 35 of us in a class compared to 60-70 students per class right now. How things have changed……


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