1 Litre of Tears

“If you give up things that you can do just because you’re sick, then you’re cheating yourself what precious time you still have.”

That’s a good life lesson I learned from this very touching  Jdorama. Well, the title was quite appropriate considering how much tears I shed watching it, but the most hurtful scenes are those where the parents try to cope with their child’s disease while trying their best to help her live her life to the fullest. It’s a struggle no parent would ever want to go through; the most painful part of being a parent is being unable to alleviate the pain/illness suffered by your child. There are times who would give anything to carry on the illness for them, but can’t.

It also made me realize that no matter how bad life seemed to be there are always memories worth treasuring and moments worth experiencing simply for the chance to make those memories.

This Jdorama makes you value life a lot more….and it’s a true story.


5 Responses to “1 Litre of Tears”

  1. Really, ganyan siya ka-hardcore na dorama?

    I am so curious about this dorama that I wanted to see it, but based on what you’ve said, I won’t watch it at the present time…if I nearly cried at the Season 4 finale of “House”, this might just make me cry bucketfuls…and I don’t want the people in the house seeing me do that…they just might think that I’m gay or something…in the future, maybe…

    • otakujade Says:

      Well, it starts on GMA on May 18 if you want to see it, or if you want the original japanese with subs I have a copy too…

  2. Pahingi na lang ng copy ng original Japanese with subs……please?

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