Randoms and Opinions

Random thoughts, on random subject matters:

To start off – I couldn’t help but notice today all the hard-working people doing traffic on the streets. It’s raining like hell and yet they’re out there on the street trying their best to maintain some semblance of order on the street, getting yelled at and verbally abused by ordinary people. True, some of them are scalawags, some don’t even know what the hell they’re doing that have you ever stopped to think that maybe, just maybe they’re doing something stupid because they lack proper training? That it’s not their fault they don’t know moot about doing traffic because they were improperly trained???

I couldn’t help but compare today the uniforms of the MMDA and the HPG (HighPatrol Group) personnel with that of the security personnel of Trinoma. Whereas the security guards of Trinoma were in full body raincoats with hoods covering their entire head with only the face showing, their plastic pants safely tucked under their rubber boots; a plastic hat to add protection on their heads. I couldn’t help but think that after his duty is over that same Trinoma security personnel would go back inside and changed into his ordinary clothes completely dry and comfortable.

Then here comes the MMDA, with nothing but an ordinary poncho type raincoat, wearing his ordinary pants, ordinary working boots that he use everyday on that job and a plastic hat. And the police with his own poncho or motorcycle raincoat and ordinary uniform boots and a his normal hat. So, at the end of his day he would go back to the office, or unit; if he’s lucky he would only be wet from the waist down, if he’s unlucky then he would be wet all over.

I couldn’t help but think, those working for privates entities are so lucky, whereas those in government service…well…you get the point. *sigh*

Another random thought, they said Manny Pacquio’s arriving home tomorrow, since he didn’t want to follow the advise of the WHO and DOH; will he be willing to be detained and quarantined here in the country when they arrived? I mean, come on for one who keeps saying that he’s got the Filipino people’s welfare in heart, why can’t he take the time to be patient and just wait until they can ascertain that he won’t bring in the disease to his poor, poverty stricken country men?


3 Responses to “Randoms and Opinions”

  1. You already know me, Sempai…

    Well, the government always say “kulang sa pondo”, pero you know where the money goes, right?

    As for Manny Pacquiao, well, maybe he’s just aching to go home and just be quarantined here…o naimpluwensiyahan na naman siya ng mga langaw na aali-aligid sa kanya…

    • otakujade Says:

      Kaso nga sempai, when people think they’re in danger bcoz of you it doesn’t matter whether you’re some big, hotshot hero..you’re just someone they can ravage in public. Kse naman iba ang usapan when it comes to putting people in danger; of course I’ll think about me first and my family before someone who doesn’t know me, right?

  2. gatchzilla Says:

    Well, based from what I’ve seen in the news, it’s either Pacman is alright (looks alright, feels alright, smells alright, ergo, is alright) or there is just a big, invisible vortex above the Philippines that makes some feel really, really nonchalant to anything, be it deadly viruses or extreme corruption and injustice. Take your pick.

    (Sorry, watched too much House today…)

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