A new Blog site…

I’m not much of a blogger, well at least I think I’m not, but then again I have never found a good blog site that allows me to simply enter my thoughts and passions…or is it because my first mind set was that blogs are supposed to be viewed and commented by others? Well, in any case a good friend just set be straight a few days ago. Blogs are for personal expression above all else. It’s most for personal consumption she said..so I guess this time I’ll just blog about things that interest me; and one that is relevant to me and not seek to please others.

Hmmm…what makes for a good blog really? I guess, this time I’ll just write about random thoughts and ideas. That’ll probably be okay. In any case, this ain’t bad for a first shot..me ramblingabout anything and nothing; just writing what comes to mind and then seeking some semblance of order in what I write. Not bad at all, if I say so myself..hehehe!


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