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Part 3?

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As you can see I haven’t blogged for days, and the reason behind that is that I don’t really have anything to blog about.Nothing much have been happening in my life, save the constant barrage of work related activities and the irrittatingly constant news about Katrina-Hayden.

As much as I tried not to make this into a series, I guess it’s turning out that way. Well, forgive me if I have to delve into the worn out issue of Hayden and Katrina but after the Senate hearing yesterday there are just some things that had to be said.

The entire proceeding was a farce, they called for an inquiry on the sex scandal and ended up taking up the drug issue.  What I am afraid of f  is that they wanted to tackle the drug issue but once it starts to touch on powerful people the issue will then die because they cannot folow through with their bravado.

It was full of crap, the questioning were out of line and there was too much dramatics about the entire thing. But then what can you expect with a Senate proceeding headed by no less than the ever dramatic and exaggerated Jamby Madrigal, coupled with showbiz personalities like Bong Revilla and Jinggoy Estrada though in fairness to the last named personality he didn’t contribute much to what went wrong.  And what transpired is what you get when you let people who’s main objective is – popularity.

Add to that Katrina Halili’s unbelievable dramatics and scripted lines; the raucous made by Afuang who had no business at all to what was happening.

The last part speaks so much about Senate security. They said that Afuang had a PRESS does that mean that anyone wearing a PRESS ID had the immunity against being frisked and checked by the Senate guards??? What if what he had with him was “acid”, would Senate take the responsibility for that lax in security that might have endangered their invitee? Yes, invitee because that is all Hayden Kho was, and that was all they could make him. He was never placed under arrest.  A lot of people say that the water-pouring incident by Afuang was scripted, maybe; but to me what was glaringly scripted was the statements delivered by Katrina Halili about she trusted the doctor and loved him with all her heart..etc..etc..etc…. *Sigh* Yeah, women can be that stupid! You give your heart wholely to a person who know to be committed to someone else! (Sarcasm here!)

Now, last night Senator Bong Revilla was on the news saying that Hayden was trying to appear as the victim…HELLO!!! He is! In all this there were three victims, Hayden and Katrina. Why? Katrina was the victim of her own folly, she let herself be used by people like Jamby Madrigal and Bong Revilla. And her supposed adviser Manay Lolit? Come on guys I don’t need to tell you the number of times this woman had been involved in scandals. And a few days ago she was criticizing Vicky Belo for her continued support for Haydeb Kho? WTF?! What Belo does with her money is her own business, if she wants to give it to Kho then it’s her discrition.

Hayden Kho was a victim of his own stupidity. He should have been more careful with his sex files; he should have been more considerate of his partners. It would have been so easy to ask the women who went to bed with him if they would allow themselves to be taped. Believe some women allow that! And he was the victim of whoever it was who publicized the sex videos. He didn’t want that to happen but it did and he must be man enough to face the music. And that was what the Senate should have been looking for, who let the rabbit out of the hat???

I still cannot believe this went up to the Senate, I mean, did the US Senate said anything when Paris Hilton or Britney Spears’ sex video came out? Honestly, we are the laughing stock of the international community on this.

You know what I hate about all this – is that women keep advocating equal rights. What equal rights is there when in cases like such it’s the men who always gets the brunt of the fault? Just because you’re a woman, you instantly become a victim? You have a special division in the PNP to take care of your own affairs? That’s not equal rights, that a special privelege. It is not short of the old adage that it’s a man’s world….but women rule? LOL! Come on think about it, Katrina keeps saying she’s the victim; she says she felt like she was raped, in her own words “binaboy ako”. Now, I watched the videos…and I didn’t see Hayden forcing himself on her. She was a willing, a very willing partner in their betrayal of Vicky Belo.

Now, I advocate equal priveleges but not rights because I have accepted it a long time ago that as a woman I enjoy rights never enjoyed by men. That I can use being a woman to hurt and defame a man should I want. And a man who knows, recognize and respect that difference is a learned and wise man.


Ito pa rin?????

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It’s been days already at so far si Katrina at Hayden pa rin ang laman ng news! I mean, come on people!!! Get a life! Move on!

IMHO, the issue wouldn’t have been this blown up without the media and Katrina crying her eyes out in front of the camera. As for Hayden, I guess if you’re expecting me to be angry at the guy then you’re talking to the wrong person. Sa akin lang if he wants to do video tape what he’s doing, let him provided the other person knows about it. And that’s something he’ll have to answer for in the case of Katrina, as for the other women on his so-called sex video library…if they know about it; there’s really nothing the government or the public can do about it. I mean, that is private property and for private just so happen that someone stole them from him and set it out on the public. The person who did it should be hanged though. The best that Dr. Kho could be answerable to would be if the women doesn’t know about it (in which case Ms. Maricar obviously knows about her video) kse Human Rights violation yun and the other is for negligence because it was stolen from him and even them may laban yung case na yun. Sino ba naman ang gustong manakawan, di ba?

Commenting of Issues

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Honestly! I’m really sick and tired of seeing nothing but Katrina Halili and her sex videos. And like the rest of the world I got curious about it and yesterday in the office someone came in with a downloaded version of the sex videos.  There are 3 in the torrent actually, and honestly, hers isn’t the one that actually made any impression. It was dark and a bit blurry;the one about Maricar Reyes was actually very clear.  I remember old women in the office commenting about it is language such as “kakadiri”; “baboy”..etc. until someone had enough courage to say “Normal sex lang yan! Kayo naman parang di pa kayo nakakita ng porn.” which effectively shut them off.  Actually, it looks a lot more like you’re watching a porn film rather than a personal sex video. And she was obviously enjoying it at the time, so IMHO Katrina has no right to say na “binaboy” sya. What she should be angry about more is the fact that it came out in the media; that’s what she should be questioning. Pero kasi at the onslaught of the issue she claimed that Kho was nothing but a one-night stand, well she should have owned up to it na lang rather than recant the issue at this point. Para di lumaki, like what Maricar did. She simply said that Kho was a former boyfriend and let the issue died.

And you know what’s so funny, when people (tricycle drivers at that) were asked about the sex videos, ang sabi nila “naaawa nga ho kami kay Katrina eh”…..that really made me laugh! As if!!!!!

Here’s another funny thing: Senate and the Congress also wants in on the issue. Election time naman!!!! Imagine Senate proving the issue and the Congress wants to put out a law penalizing those who watch them. I would really LOVE to see them try…imagine half the population of Metro Manila being in detention. That would cause the detention centers t overflow whereas it is already overflowing. Don’t make me laugh. And they want to put up a law about uploading sex videos???? Come on people, please try harder not to advertise how ignorant you are. Sheesh!

Well, anyways, like most issues that one will die soon enough as people find other things to talk about.

Another weird observation..

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I ‘ve seen this for about a thousand times already but it never ceases to amazed me and weird me out at the same time. Have you ever noticed how some people like to use their celphones like a two-way radio?

I was walking the corridor of our office a few days ago when I saw one of the new guys assigned at the office doing this. He would talk on the mike or mouth piece of his cell then put the same to his ear so he could hear what was being said. I mean, WTF?!

I mean come on if you wanna play walkie-talkie then just put the celphone on speaker so you’ll be able to hear what’s being said! Otherwise, if it’s really private and you don’t want anyone else to hear what was being communicated them for pete’s sake use the damn thing properly. Sheesh!

Going to Divisoria

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I had a full day yesterday and that’s why I was not able to write a blog.

My sister and I left the house at around 8am to go to Divisoria to try to purchase cheaper priced uniforms for our kids. It’s the same quality and brand that you see in the malls though priced an arm and a leg cheaper; so what other options do we have? We got to Divisoria at about 9:30 or 10am and immediately when on our shopping for the uniforms – haggling here and there so get the best possible bargain that could be got.  Around 11am we were at the pants vendor when there came a bit of a commotion among the vendors; they started picking up their wares displayed on the side walks and carrying them closer to the establishments. Then we saw this vehicle, going against the flow and it was going very slow at first we thought it was trying to drive the vendors to move towards the side walks and make way for the vehicles to be able to pass the road which they have already occupied nearly stopping traffic in the area but when it came in front of the store where we were buying from we saw the man inside, a policeman at that wearing his patrol uniform, reached out of the car and grabbed several bundles of shirts and undershirts and pull them into his vehicle. Everyone was looking at the policeman but he was so dense he doesn’t even care!!!! I was irked I tell you! So I went and asked the vendor who the policeman was and she regretably told me they didn’t know but just the fact that he was wearing a police uniform even if he was in a private vehicle was enough to cause these people to pause and just shrug at was done. I tried to get the vehicle’s plate number as it had already moved away but all I got was UNY…damn! I really I was able to video the whole thing but it was so sudden I didn’t even think about it until after he was gone. GRRRR!!!! You bastards are the reason people have no respect for the police, you should be tied and fed to crocodile then you’d at least have some worth…

My personal thoughts…

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It’s almost time for school to begin once again, and like all parents I’m scrambling all over to get the funds needed for what the kids will need to get them well settled in school.

Now speaking of school, I don’t know if anyone else have noticed this, although certain some of the older generations and those my age will remember a time when GMRC was actively being taught in the schools. For those who don’t know what that is it’s – Good Manners and Right Conduct.

I once asked my son’s adviser about it and she told me that those leassons were integrated with the other subjects such a English, Values Education and PE. Well, sadly I don’t think it’s being taught enough.

Lessons like, don’t speak when you are not spoken to, how to show respect to your elders and how to show respect for authority aren’t being drilled into the children’s head anymore. In the old days, when your teachers walks along the corridor or you happen to meet her anywhere you were taught to show her respect by simply acknowledging her with a simple “Good morning Ma’am or Sir”. Well, I see students passing the halls of my son’s school and I haven’t seen anyone so much as give the a respectful morning.

And now, kids are required to memorize the Panatang Makabayan, and Lupang Hinirang..why? We never used to have to memorize them because like it or not you will memorize them because it’s being said every single day inside the class room. What the hells is happening?

In our search to update everything we seemed to have forgotten that there are things that shouldn’t be taken for granted. We are making very intellectual but hollow individuals…ask yourself are these the kind of Filipino citizen you really want to see in the future/

My little Obsessions…

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Anime was something I have known and loved for many, many years; it started with Voltes V and Mazinger Z when I was around 5 or 6 then it sort of stopped because there was no anime on TV due to Marcos banning it from being shown and then it started up again in the laste 1980s after he was ousted from power. So, I could say that anime had been a part of my life for a very long time.

It’s the same with my reading, I have always loved to read; I read almsot anything I can get my hands on and it’s my favorite type of entertainment that I can carry. If I remember right my first pocket book was Nancy Drew with the Wooden Maiden Mystery…LOL! Yep! I can still remember and pinpoint I started being addicted to novels and pocketbooks.

So when did my love for Jpop started? I can remember that day and why, and how. It was about three years ago, I was watching Music Station on Animax, not something I regular watch though..I was just passing by when I saw him. And from the on I was lost….LOL! Who the hell I’m talking about? Tackey! Hideaki Takizawa to be more precise. I just saw him for about a quarter of a second because I channel surfing but it was enough. I went back several channels until I ended back up on Animax and finished the entire song “Samurai” and I was hooked. I started looking on Limewire for Tackey’s songs, I surfed the net for Tackey’s pictures and torrents for his Jdorama and Taiga. And from then on I came in contact with several other Jpop and Jrock artists but I have remained loyal to Tackey just the same.

So thus is my adventure with Jpop…LOL! Yeah, I know it’s weird that I can actually pinpoint certain instances of when and how I came to meet with my obsessions but I do find it quite refreshing and comforting. I guess to each his own, right?